1.14 ct White Yellow MN Diamond Silver Ring 7
1.14 ct White Yellow MN Diamond Silver Ring

1.14 ct White Yellow MN Diamond Silver Ring

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   1.14ct Sparkling Yellow  MN Diamond Ring
               Moissanite Diamonds Sparkle more than
                                      Regular Diamonds 

Ring Size : 7 US

SETTING:  925 Sterling Silver

GEM:  DIAMOND  ( Moissanite

 ) 1.14 ct  ( 6.6 mm Round ) 

COLOR GEMS :   White - Yellow

ORIGIN GEMS:  Man made 




About Moissanite
Discover The Beauty Of Moissanite
Boasting fire, brilliance, and sparkles more than any gemstone on earth. MN unique
gemstone composition and crystalline structure give it significantly greater brilliance.
Moissanite is a man created Diamond of the highest quality that have a high cost of production. In fact they have more sparkle than regular diamonds and about the same hardness 9.25. ( No comparison to CZ at all )
Just like diamond, Moissanite is scratch resistant and will never fade, cloud or change colour after prolonged wear.
Moissanite rings sell for thousands of dollars; check it out on the internet. We offer ours at wholesale prices.
Why are we selling Moissanite: We purchased one Gemstone out of curiosity and we were so impressed with the quality and brilliant sparkle we decided to offer our customers an alternative to expensive diamonds that cost much more yet no one can tell the difference. No worries about insurance, losing it when travelling or theft.