Why You Should Always Use Paypal

You will not see this on Dishonest Web stores

This information applies to all Online Purchases not only Jewelry.

 Rely on an Established Independent Guarantee from Paypal. Few realize that Paypal is more than a money transfer operations. They do offer a great Satisfaction Guarantee and Resolution centre. We highly recommend them. Pay with Paypal and they help you recover your money.

Tested & Proven Worldwide

Until you become a customer and see how we treat our customers you won't know The Landeau Way.

Don't take our word for it, rely on the best known and  proven Guarantee !

Paypal offers buyers a solid Satisfaction Guarantee so you will rarely lose money.

You don't need to sign up, you can use your credit to purchase. Best part is no one gets your credit card info, it all goes through Paypal. The Safest way to shop online.

View our Report How to Get A Refund From A Crook

and you will understand why Paypal is important to you.

   Paypal does not pay us to advertise for them. It is honest advice

                             based on finding out the hard way     


             Avoid Scammers & Buying Jewelry

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